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Top Cats Brands

  • Wahl
  • Royal Canin
  • Hill's
  • Proplan
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Cats have been domestic pets for 9,500 years and in some polls they even beat the dog to the top position as the most popular pet in the world. They were valued initially for their hunting abilities and keeping homes clear of vermin, but as time has gone on, cats have come to be loved for their companionship and are found as pets almost all over the world. Cats are solitary hunters but social animals, they use a variety of methods to communicate among themselves whilst the ‘meow’ sound is used to communicate with humans, notably as a form of greeting. They also hiss and growl if they are unhappy while purring is generally associated with happiness. Cats do not require as much direct attention as dogs, they will need a collar but they exercise themselves and eat when hungry. As with any pet, there is nothing to stop an owner spoiling their cat with treats and toys, some by scratch posts to stop the furniture being scratched, some by cat beds if they don’t want a cat in their bed every night. Twenga can help make your low maintenance pet a low cost pet too by searching the internet for the cheapest deals on everything your feline friend could want for.

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