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  • Eukanuba
  • Royal Canin
  • Petsafe
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Women got diamonds but a man’s best friend? The ever-loyal, ever-loving dog . The dog was in fact the first animal to be kept as a pet about 15,000 years ago and is the most popular pet in all of human history. Initially dogs were kept mostly for practical reasons like hunting, protection and strength but as time has gone on, although some of these reasons are still popular, there are more and more people who own dogs purely for companionship. Dogs are a fairly simple pet, they require the standard vaccines, flea treatment, daily walks and a lot of loving but beyond that if he’s got a ball or a bone, a comfy bed at night and a shiny collar then there really isn’t much more a dog could ask for. Of course the odd treat here and there probably wouldn’t get turned down, but the popularity of dogs lies in their unconditional love for their owners, show a little affection and get a lot back. Twenga can find you the products that help you save money on almost everything your dog or puppy could ever need, the only thing we can’t do is take him for walkies.

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