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Top Fishkeeping Brands

  • Fluval
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Fishkeeping is a popular hobby and is not limited to fish in tanks, people also keep fish as pets in ponds or other water features in their back gardens. Fun fact: 'Did you know that fishkeepers are frequently referred to as ‘aquarists?' This is because their interests often go beyond that of just fish. Fish kept as pets are often chosen for their bright colours, fun shapes or goggly eyes. Tropical fish are especially popular as are goldfish and clown fish (like Nemo), some people even keep eels, certain breeds of shark, and seahorses as pets. Fish have always been valued whether it is for their decorative purposes or as a source of food. These days it is far more common to simply have some pretty fish in a tank but their upkeep must not be underestimated: regular water changes, tank cleaning and closely monitored feeding are all part and parcel of fishkeeping. Luckily there is no need to go bankrupt when kitting out a tank, Twenga can help you search the web for the lowest prices on anything from filter systems to mini nets to be sure that your fish live happy, healthy lives.

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  • AquariumAquarium
    • Fluval Edge
  • Aquarium filterAquarium filter
    • External
    • Fluval 106
  • Fish foodFish food
    • Form:
      • Flakes
      • Pellets
    • Goldfish
  • Activated charcoalActivated charcoal
    • Anti algaeAnti algae
      • Aquarium air pumpAquarium air pump
        • Aquarium co2 systemAquarium co2 system
          • Aquarium gravelAquarium gravel